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Safe Pass Courses on in Menlo Park Hotel Galway City most weeks

click on the call button or the Book Safe Pass below for availability

or to book your place for the coming week ahead. For those in the

construction industry, they should raise their safety awareness

by taking the Safe pass training, Galway. Workers learn the possible

dangers in their workplace which may involve them or their

colleagues, Call Now to Book your place.


Solas Safe Pass Training Galway?


Safe Pass Galway training can be taken by anyone since it’s a general awareness course. It’s most ideal for those engaging in on-site security work as well as construction workers both in general and craft. Whether you are a new entrant, a trainee or you have been in the construction industry for years, you will need to take this safety awareness course once in four years. Even for drivers such as concrete trucks ones that deliver construction materials, working charge hands and apprentices, they will need to take the training. 


How Does The Safe Pass Course Help The Workers?


The course is very important as there will be a reduction in avoidable accidents in the workplace. Making a positive contribution in the workplace by being more careful and knowing the possible dangers is the most important aspect of the training. The workers will do a better job in preventing ill health and common accidents not only at the construction site but also in other areas of life. All participants get a Safe Pass Registration Card after the one day course. Getting the card and raising awareness are some of the reasons every worker should take the Safe pass courses Galway.


Does The Company Need To Train Its Workers On Safety After Safe Pass Galway Training?


The safe pass course takes one day, and despite it being certified, as an employer, you should continue supporting safety training programs in your company.


How Much Will The Safe Pass Cost For New Entrants?


Students who are looking for a job and new entrants are different when it comes to the payment. A new student will have to pay for their safe pass Galway training while for new entrants and those already employed, their employers will have to pay.


How Long Does The Safe Pass Training Take?


The health and safety awareness training takes one day only, and you get the safe card after the training. After the one day Safe pass courses Galway training, your card will be valid for four years.


Numbers Allowed     Minimum = 8, Maximum = 20
Duration: 1 Day
Start Time: 8am Sharp to  5pm ... ( you must be on time )
Learners need to be over 16 years old.

Requirements: Learners need to bring with them a passport photo ( Passport Photo Service Available on the Morning of the course on Site ) and their Irish PPS number on the day plus you are required to have proof of ID with on the day Driving License or Passport will do.     


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