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Safe Pass Course Limerick, Available in the Greenhills Hotel

Limerick, Safe Pass Courses will be provided every week in Limerick at

hotel venues where we Provide Safe Pass training in Limerick at the

Greenhills hotel will be the main venue, and can be Booked Online or by

contacting Michelle on 087 - 7950282.

Safe Pass Attendees Allowed   Minimum = 4, Maximum = 20.
Duration: 1 Day
Start Time: 7:50 am Sharp to 4 pm... ( you must be on time )
Important: Learners need to be over 16 years old.

Requirements: Learners need to bring with them a passport photo and their Irish PPS number on the day plus you are required to have proof of ID with on the day Driving License or Passport will do.     


You MUST have a good understanding of the English language both written and spoken to sit the course.

If you need a quick safe pass booking we can provide Solas Safe Pass Limerick, Galway City, or Call us to see what is available for this month ahead.

Who needs to do Safe Pass awareness training?


Safe Pass is a one-day safety awareness programme aimed at general construction workers, craft workers and "on site" security personnel in the construction industry.  The aims of the programme are to:

  • Raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry

  • Ensure that site personnel after completing the one day awareness programme can make a positive contribution to the prevention of accidents and ill health while working on the site

  • Maintain a register of personnel who have received training

  • Provide participants with a Safe Pass registration card, indicating that the holder has attended a formal course in health and safety awareness.

Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations, 2013  Safe Pass Safety Awareness Programmes applies to -

(a) Craft and general construction workers,

(b) Persons undertaking on-site security work, and

(c) Persons or classes of persons as may be prescribed by the Minister.


The Health and Safety Authority in conjunction with the Construction Advisory Committee has produced a summary of the categories of persons to whom Safe Pass does and does not apply.

Summary checklist for Safe Pass


Category of personnel involved in Construction Projects Is Safe Pass or equivalent mandatory Category of personnel involved in Construction projects Safe Pass or  equivalent mandatory


Why do I need Safe Pass?


The Safe Pass Programme is necessary to make workers aware of the dangers on construction sites so that they will not be a danger to themselves or their co-workers. 


Who pays for the Safe Pass course?


Generally, the employer pays for the Safe Pass course.  The employer under section 10,25 & 26 of Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005 is responsible to allow employees time off from their duties for awareness training as may be reasonable having regard to their health and safety without loss of remuneration.


Where can I find Safe Pass trainers in Limerick?


Prestige Training in Galway Tel: 087 7950282.


When do I need to renew my Safe Pass training in Limerick?


Safe Pass awareness training should be renewed every 4 years.


Event cancellations: SOLAS require in order to run a Safe Pass course their must be at least 8 attendees on the day otherwise we cannot run the course under Solas rules.  If we have to cancel a course due to lack of numbers, we will either refund the full amount of your course fee or move you to another date.


Cancelling your place/refunds: If you cannot attend the course you are booked on, you must notify us of the cancellation at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, course fees will not be refunded. Please Note: All deposits are non-refundable.

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